Brand Story

Brand Story

Establishing Business



Ever since its foundation of “77 Nougat Chocolate in the year of 1976, Hunya Food Corporation Limited has run its business for forty years by implementing consistently the corporate management philosophy of “honesty, innovation, quality, service”.
Facing the fierce wrestling of domestic and overseas food industry, the brand expands its business into tourism and service industry from its expertise in chocolate industry based on the prospective vision of operator and enterprise spirit of “innovation” that it successfully extends the spirit and story of chocolate by establishing the first chocolate museum in Southeast Asia, the Republic of Chocolate.
The Republic of Chocolate combines the culture, knowledge, and history of chocolate with tourism and travel with the expectation of becoming an edutainment sanctuary of chocolate and the newest landmark of Taiwan. It is hoped that the Republic of Chocolate can transform into the sweet memento of the world and the eternal highlight pursued by the international markets based on the concept of a republic.

The First Chocolate Factory in Southeast Asia

  • The number of visitors has attained


  • Established in


  • The project costs


    million dollars
  • Covering an area of


    square meters
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