Frequently Asked Questions

  • We would like to have a table tighter. Will that be possible?

    Due to the limited space of our restaurant, it is impossible for us to offer the service. Sharing tables together may not only cause inconvenience for our staff while carrying out the designated service procedures but also bring troubles to other visitors while passing.
  • Could we get extra portions if the portion size of an order is too small?

    As all of the menus we serve are combo meals with elaborately planned portion, customers are welcome to order other dishes on if still being hungry.
  • Is the access of the side entrance of your restaurant available?

    As we are rich in outdoor gardening resources, the side door is not opened to the public for preventing the flying insects from entering and affecting your dining quality.
  • Can we use the complimentary coupon of NTD 100 which is included in the admission ticket at your restaurant?

    If purchasing a combo meal, the value can be added to NTD 200 for offsetting the consumption; for the order of individual items, only the discount of NTD 100 will be given.
  • Do you have dinning time limit?

    The table time limit at our restaurant is 1.5 hours. The visitors will be allowed to extend their meal times provided that more dishes are ordered.
  • Do you give away carrier bag for the purchase of your products?

    In response to environmental protection policies, the Republic of Chocolate advocates visitors’ bringing their own shopping bags. However, one paper bag will still be provided by our shop for each single purchase during trial period.
  • Will we be able to purchase the products sold inside the Republic of Chocolate from other channels on the market?

    Most of the merchandises sold in our stores are special edition. It will be almost impossible to buy the same products on the market.
  • Since we are planning to return home directly, we would like to know whether or not the chocolate products we buy are going to melt.

    Normally, instead of staying in a place where temperature is too high, the regular products should be stored at room temperature. It is recommended that you put chocolate ganache back into the fridge in time as the product requires refrigeration.
  • Are both delivery and online shopping services available?

    The Republic of Chocolate attaches great importance to product quality. Therefore, in consideration of the storage temperature for our merchandise, we do not offer delivery service.
  • How can price differentiation be possible for the identical products of 70% chocolate?

    The price varies from one another in accordance with diverse countries of origin, grinding and roasting techniques, and ingredients.
  • Can chocolates go under microwave for a longer period of time?

    No, they cannot. This may lead to the pyrogenation and deterioration of chocolates.
  • Why do we have to control the degree of chocolate tempering machine within 50°C?

    High temperature will make chocolates thicker and denser. Thus it is more appropriate to control the temperature at above 32°C for conducting the program of chocolate making.
  • We would like to learn more about the storage method for the finished product of chocolate DIY.

    The chocolate can be stored in a cool, shady place at room temperature for 7 days. Please note that the shelf life for refrigeration is limited to 3 days only as the existing water vapor inside the fridge will bring about the deterioration of chocolate.
  • Do we sit or stand while attending your DIY program?

    The participants will have to stand to make chocolates during our DIY teaching. You may inform the instructor about your particular situation and special requirements so that we will be able to arrange a seat for you.
  • The pigment chocolates, are they made from color additives?

    Yes, but we only use natural food dyes which conform to the rules.
  • Why can’t we turn on the air-conditioner since the room is muggy during class?

    The reason is because that the room temperature of 27 °C or below is likely to accelerate the solidification of chocolate. As a result, the instructor will try to adjust up/down according to the on-site situation.
  • How many people can join the course together upon purchasing per program?

    Owing to the limited space of our classroom, only 1 child and 1 parent are allowed to join the class together for each program.
  • Is there a cash machine installed in the Republic of Chocolate?

    We do not have a cash machine. However, except for the Takeout Corner, all consumptions/purchases can be made by credit card payment.
  • The service of guided tour for tourism factory, why is it not available on holidays?

    Since holidays are the days off for our production operators/workers, it would be impossible for us to arrange any visit and guided tour. However, the repeated guided tours for both inside and outside the Republic of Chocolate is available free of charge on holidays, and all visitors are welcome to join us.
    →Guided tour for tourism factory
  • Is there a parking space/lot for bicycles?

    You can place your bicycle at customer service center. Our service staff will assist with safekeeping.
  • Due to the extensive size of your field, are the visitors allowed to drive into the site other than parking in the parking lot?

    As we are constantly receiving masses of visitor, vehicles are prohibited from entering the site for safety reasons.
  • Are pets allowed to enter?

    The Republic of Chocolate encompasses a food manufacturing factory within the field. And in order to protect the right and interests of other visitors, no pets are allowed to enter our site.
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