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  • Customer Service Center

    The available services include: renew membership and the change of address; hopping, activities, and programs consultation; paging service; to accept customer complaint and feedback; issue triplicate uniform invoice; lost and found.

  • Recreational Area

    Cozy environment and short corporate infomercial video allows those who are still waiting or feeling tired after a walk to take a rest and regain energy in this area so that they can get ready for the next journey.

  • Chotty & Cotty Gigantic Action Figure

    You will find diverse styles of action figure on different occasions or events held by the Republic of Chocolate. You will be able to enjoy different visual perceptions every time you visit the museum and to experience the festive atmosphere and spirit of the season.

  • Cocoa Greenhouse

    The nationals who visit the Republic of Chocolate are welcome to go inside our greenhouse to experience the environment, climate, and humidity of coca tree planting. The chocolate trees are grown in vigorous surroundings, and it is only by the practice of multiple production processes that we can finally taste the delectable chocolate! You will definitely learn to cherish more the precious chocolate after the visit! (This greenhouse applies the cultivation method of intercropping. It resembles a small farm in West Africa where two or more types of crops are planted altogether, with the taller crops or usually combined with the smaller ones to maximize the efficiency of land. The annual average temperature should fall between 25℃ to 28℃, together with the humidity of 80% to 90%. If the temperature or moisture content exceeds the standard value, the access of the greenhouse will be shut down until all conditions restore to normal state.)

  • Chotty & Cotty Café

    The restaurant of the Republic of Chocolate serves lip smacking chocolate beverages, chocolate hot pot, and various kinds of snacks and desserts which one must try when visiting our museum. It is the optimal choice for enjoying a relaxing afternoon.

  • Takeout Corner

    Apart from acquiring the relevant information of chocolate and making enjoyable chocolates with your children, you will also be able to play, collectively create wonderful memories, and even dine with your sweetheart in the exclusive area arranged by the Republic of Chocolate.

  • ROC Gift Shop

    Enticing chocolates are undoubtedly the protagonist of our museum. However, there are many other unexpected products launched by Chotty & Cotty. Each item has its own particularity, and through the integration of boundless creativity, you will definitely be overwhelmed by surprises for giving it as a present or personal enjoyment.

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